Susan Nguyen’s Biography

Susan Nguyen AKA “Suzy Q” is a refreshing new and upcoming T.V. personality and model. She brings a sense of spunk and originality to television and in front of the lens. She hopes to break the barrier in the entertainment industry for Asian Americans. She feels that not only is there a minute number of Asian entertainers in the American market today but there are only stereotypical Asians represented in the television and film industry. Only a few have made their mark in the modeling industry, but that is not enough.  “Now is the time for more curvy and different-colored haired Asians to break the mold,” says Susan. “Being thick and non-traditional makes me truly unique and in demand. You don’t see too many Asians that posses this quality. I want to represent the other half of Asian Americans who don’t fit the criteria of what Asians are suppose to look like in the industry.”  She has developed quite a fan following due to this and by being truly unique and down-to-earth, not to mention because of her sultry sense of style. Susan is a Vietnamese American. Her Vietnamese name means “America,” since she was born right in the heart of Texas. She was born in Port Arthur, Texas on August 16, 1980, but grew up most of her life in Houston, TX. She has always been the entertainer growing up; whether it was dancing, playing instruments, singing and even acting. She now has been in the entertainment industry for some time now. She has been in the club industry as management, promotions and served as a go-go dancer. Susan also has dipped her feet into fashion designing with her own company she started with her partner called SuSu Couture. The company went by the motto of “If You Got It Rock It!” That is what she exactly did. She has also been featured in music videos, TV shows and worked in film. Susan was the featured host, video jockey and interviewer for The Drop Spot, a top 40s music video show. Some of the subjects Susan has interviewed are Dr. Pamela Peeke of the Discovery Channel, martial arts super star Jet Li and many of the hottest hip hop artists in the industry. Currently, she is working on a few TV shows set to come out in the summer of 2008. She continues to model as well, all while heading one of the largest urban weekly magazines in Texas. Get ready, because this sexy vixen is about to take you on an incredible ride!


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